Managing expenses is one of the most critical functions organizations face today. The reporting options offered by RBS can help you transform your expense data into valuable information that will help your organization manage your expenses more efficiently. These tools will allow you to:

  • Monitor use of organization credit limit
  • Better understand organizational spending
  • Analyze expenditures and trends helping to negotiate with vendors on a regional or global basis
  • Evaluate individual cardholder transaction activity to monitor policy compliance

Your organization can choose the reporting package that best fits the needs of your organization:


CentreSuite puts your organization in control, giving you access to data online anytime, anywhere. Based on permissions, program administrators, managers and cardholders can retrieve current, accurate transaction data and cardholder information, with the ability to download data and reports as needed. With CentreSuite’s robust reporting and allocation tools, you can take also integrate data directly into your financial systems by utilizing a custom interface file. Learn more about CentreSuite’s features.

SmartData OnLine

Whether you organization is domestic or has multinational requirements, RBS SmartData OnLine™ can help you with all your business reporting needs. This web-based reporting application, available in 14 languages, can help your company organize, consolidate, analyze, and manage financial data from credit cards, cash transactions and other programs. Learn more about SmartData OnLine’s features.

Credit Care

In addition to the comprehensive allocation and reporting tools, RBS offers Credit Care as a complementary online tool for your cardholders. Through Credit Care:

  • Cardholders can view current transactions as well as transactions from their past three statements
  • Individually-billed cardholders can make one-time payments or set up automatic payments for their Commercial Card accounts

Hardcopy Reporting

In addition online reporting, our hardcopy reporting package can be fully customized to meet your organization’s needs. These detail and summary reports will enable you to identify transaction activity, evaluate exceptions and track expenses. Up to seven report levels may be defined by your organization.

File Integration

RBS can partner with your organization to deliver your transaction data directly via electronic transmission on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Information can be interfaced with your enterprise resources planning, accounts payable, e-procurement, expense reporting and human resources systems, as well as with your general ledger. This automation eliminates re-keying of data and improves accuracy.


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